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We Vikson Spring Pvt. Ltd. Company are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, wholesalers, Traders, Stockist, Exporters of Springs Switch Gear. Switchgear Spring and Electrical Switchgear Spring are among the products we provide. We are actively involved in the production and distribution of a high-quality Switchgear Spring. These springs are tough and rust-resistant in nature, and they're well-liked for their high tensile strength and excellent finish. Furthermore, we ensure that they are delivered to our customers within the specified time limit. A switchgear spring drive mechanism, specifically for a circuit breaker. The mechanism includes a rotating engagement shaft, a large-toothed wheel mounted on said shaft, and a tiny toothed wheel meshing with said large toothed wheel to tension an engagement spring.After the shaft has been released, a mechanism prevents the large-toothed wheel and the tiny toothed wheel from jamming against each other. The form of the teeth of the tiny-toothed wheel and the shape of the teeth of the big-toothed wheel is part of the mechanism that avoids jamming.

There is a first gap in the teeth of the big toothed-wheel, followed by a first retractable tooth that retracts along the axis of the tooth against bias from a spring in the direction of rotation.This tooth is followed by a second gap that is slightly less than an integer number of steps and extends across a length of not less than two gear pitch steps. The tooth immediately after the second gap is a second retractable tooth that can be retracted along its axis against a spring's bias.Each retractable tooth has sides that meet radially outwardly at a common edge and an inclined plane in the top zone close to the edge, as does the first non-retractable tooth following the last retractable tooth.

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