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We Vikson Spring Pvt. Ltd. Company are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers, Providers, wholesalers, Traders, Stockist, Exporters of Springs LED Lamp Holder. A lamp holder is a device used to hold a light bulb or lamp in place. A lamp holder is found in almost all light fixtures or luminaires. The lamp holder on wall and ceiling lights with a permanent lamp holder must be suitable for the type of bulb you wish to use. It's critical for pendant lights that the lamp holder is suitable for both the type of bulb and the lampshade you wish to use. See this page for further information about light bulbs and light sources. If you already know the lamp holder you want, there are fast connections to product sites at the bottom of this page. If you're not sure which lamp holder you want, here's a breakdown of the three main choices: which type of socket, how the lamp holder will be mounted, and which material/finish is ideal for your project.

The neck of the shade may generally be pulled up against the ‘lip' of the lamp holder. A shade ring may then be put into the lamp holder's body, towards the shade's neck, to secure it in place (see diagram below). Two shade rings can be used to ‘sandwich' the neck or carrier ring if the lamp holder does not have a ‘lip.' Any of a variety of organic, synthetic, or processed materials that may be formed into objects, films, or filaments and are typically thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers with a high molecular weight. Halogen light holders, as the name implies, are intended for use with halogen lamps. Because they rely on the burning of a tungsten filament to generate light, halogen lamps are technically a variant of incandescent lights. They differ from ordinary incandescent bulbs, however, in terms of the glass envelope and the gas trapped within it. Because of these design changes, the bulbs have a longer service life and operate at higher temperatures. They are often utilized in a range of commercial (e.g., retail and jewelry stores) and domestic (e.g., house lighting) applications for these reasons. They're also used in specialized items like projectors and food warmers.

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